Book 1.5: The Laws of the Old Covenant Kingdom of Zion are given by Moses (Deuteronomy)

C    Part 1: Remember the past

O    Chapter 1.1: Remember how your fathers rebelled against Jehovah at Kadesh-Barnea and died in the wilderness

O    Chapter 1.2: Remember how Jehovah began to bless you after your fathers were dead

C    Chapter 1.3: Do not forget the Covenant that Jehovah your God made with you at Mount Sinai

C    Chapter 1.4: Do not forget the Commandments that Jehovah your God gave to you at Mount Sinai

U    Chapter 1.5: Do not forget the mercy that Jehovah your God extended to you in spite of your rebellion

C    Part 2: Obey the Commandments, Statutes, and Judgments of Jehovah your God today

O    Chapter 2.1: Honor Jehovah your God in all parts of your life

O    Chapter 2.2: Honor your God-ordained Judges, Priests, and Kings

C    Chapter 2.3: Do what is right

C    Chapter 2.4: Do not do what is wrong

U    Chapter 2.5: Obey the Laws of the Kingdom or perish