Book 1.1: Jehovah chose the children of Israel out of all nations to be his special people (Genesis)

C    Part 1: Jehovah elected Abraham and Isaac to found the Old Covenant Kingdom of Zion

O    Chapter 1.1: The original Kingdom was lost after Adam and Eve sinned

O    Chapter 1.2: The original Earth was destroyed after the human race became totally corrupted

C    Chapter 1.3: Jehovah brought Abram from Ur of the Chaldees into the land of Canaan

C    Chapter 1.4: Jehovah made promises and Covenants with Abraham concerning the land of Canaan and his seed

U    Chapter 1.5: Jehovah preserved and protected Isaac

C    Part 2: Jehovah elected Jacob and his sons to build the Old Covenant Kingdom of Zion

O    Chapter 2.1: Jacob stole Esau’s blessing, forcing him to flee to Padan-Aram to escape his wrath

O    Chapter 2.2: Jacob reconciled with Esau on his return from Padan-Aram

C    Chapter 2.3: Jehovah sent Joseph into Egypt

C    Chapter 2.4: Jehovah sent Jacob and his family into Egypt

U    Chapter 2.5: Jehovah revealed future events in the Kingdom of Zion through Jacob’s prophecies