Book 3.5: The Post-Exile Temples of Jehovah

C    Part 1: The Temple of Jehovah was rebuilt after the Babylonian captivity

O    Chapter 1.1 (Lamentations): The Prophet Jeremiah lamented the destruction of the Old Covenant Kingdom of Zion

O    Chapter 1.2 (Esther): Jehovah protected the people of Old Covenant Zion from genocide in captivity

C    Chapter 1.3 (Ezra): The Temple was rebuilt and the people purified from marriages with unbelievers

C    Chapter 1.4 (Nehemiah): The wall of Jerusalem was rebuilt and the priesthood purified from corruption

U    Chapter 1.5: (Haggai): Jehovah’s presence and blessing were restored to the Temple

C    Part 2: The Final Temple of Jehovah (Jesus Christ) will return to permanently re-establish the Kingdom of Zion

O    Chapter 2.1: The Son of God revealed the 2000-year Interregnum between the Old and New Covenant Kingdoms

O    Chapter 2.2: The Lamb initiates the Great Tribulation with the opening of seven seals, followed by six trumpets

C    Chapter 2.3: The two Beasts will arise to rule the world for a short time

C    Chapter 2.4: The Great Whore of Babylon will be destroyed

U    Chapter 2.5: The New Heaven and New Earth